#Goal Setting | how to pursue your goals

What topic would be more fitting after my last Blog Post? Exactly, goal setting!

Today I have assembled for you my top tips for ‘how to pursue your goals’. I will explain you how I got out of my rut and became more motivated and driven.

-> So, let’s get started!!!

  • write down the ‘what’

What is it what you really want in life? Imagine there are no limits. Nothing is holding you back. Nothing is unrealistic. What is it what you really want? What is your heart graving? On which topic do you get really passionate about? Remember there are no limits! So just write it down!

  • write down the ‘why’

Now you have the ‘what’ think about the ‘why’. Why do I want it? Does it only look good on the outside or do I really burn for it? Will it support me? Will it support my family? Get it me further in my career or in my personal life? Is it important for my future? This step is really important so take your time!

  • write down ‘how you would feel if you achieve it’

As soon as you have the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ try to go into you and really think about how you would feel if you achieve your goals. Maybe happy, fulfilled, self-confident, content? Really connect to those feelings, bare them in mind and go over to the next step.

  • create a vision board

Maybe this isn’t everybody’s cup of tee but I think it helps to vision your goals more clearly and makes them tangible. Beyond the actual vision board I think the process itself could help you to manifest your goals. I for myself decided to create a digital one. I collected pictures from Pinterest that caught my eyes and represented my goals. For making the actual vision board I downloaded the app ‘Diptic’. The app is a nice and simple way to create collages. I imported the pictures, adapted the layout and exported it on to my photo library. So easy it is.

  • make your goals visible everyday

Either it be to just write them down and hang them on your walls or read them out every morning. Or as you might have created a vision board yourself hang the actual board somewhere visible. As I’m currently traveling it might be not so handy to hang my vision board at the walls of my current Airbnb I’m staying, so I made it to my background. Background on my phone, background on my iPad, background on my laptop. Everywhere you could imagine and it is most likely that I will see the board at least once a day.

  • write your own affirmation’s

As I’m a big believer in the ‘Law of Attraction’ another helpful step could be to write down your own affirmation’s. Affirmation’s are a whole new topic for itself but there are tons of posts out there of how to write your own affirmation’s – just google it. Reading them out loud every day, might be helpful to make you aware of your goals and keep you motivated.

  • figure out the ‘how’

Make a plan. Google it, watch YouTube videos, read a book, hear audio book’s, hear podcast’s there are tons of ways to get more familiar to your specific goal. And nothing of it must necessarily cost you a lot of money. I mean if you want to learn yoga – learn yoga! Just watch some YouTube videos about it. The world wide web offers you so many ways. The only thing you need to invest is your time and your effort. As soon as there is a ‘what’ and a ‘why’ you can find a way.

  • stay motivated

Try to keep you motivated. If your vision board and your affirmation’s are still not enough to keep you motivated, try to pump you up with other things. I for example like to hear either motivational audio book’s or podcast’s. Or watch some uplifting YouTube videos. Collect motivational quotes on Pinterest and so on and so on. And if the ass**** procrastination kicks in say 5-4-3-2-1 and just do it.

Pursuing your goals might be not easy but the biggest failure in life would be if you to stop trying.

Hope you liked my post and found something helpful in it as well 🙂



App: Diptic – creating digital photo collages

Podcast: ‚Kalyn’s Coffee Talk’ by Kalyn Nicholson

Audio Book: ‚The 5 second Rule‘ of Mel Robins – Transform your Life, Work and Confidence with everyday courage

YouTube Channel: ‚Absolute Motivation‘


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