Work & Travel Canada | My Packing List

My packing list might differ a little bit to a ‘normal’ holiday packing list as I’m going away (hopefully) for quite some time and also wanna travel through the country. So I don’t want to carry with me so much stuff and trying to reduce me on the most important things – anything else I can easily buy when I’m there.

For my part I sort my packing list in different categories for an easy overview. You might also wanna think of what you will need to pack at the very end and make a second list for that. (e.g. your phone, make up and chargers etc. )

So here we go – that’s my list…


  • underwear 10x
  • socks 10x
  • shirts 10x
  • blouses 2x
  • dresses 1x
  • jeans 2x
  • shoes 1x
  • pyjamas 2x
  • jumpers 2x
  • jackets 2x


  • sun glasses
  • towels
  • flashlight
  • money&document bag or belt
  • baggage tags
  • purse
  • pens and notebooks
  • laundry bag
  • travel sewing
  • daypack
  • padlock
  • zip-loc bags
  • travel pillow
  • sleeping bag

technical stuff

  • phone
  • camera+equipment
  • external hard drive
  • laptop
  • tablet
  • eReader
  • usb stick
  • chargers
  • travel adapter
  • travel cloth line
  • luggage scale


  • deo
  • toothbrush
  • toothbrush cover
  • toothpaste
  • mouthwash
  • shower gel
  • shampoo & conditioner
  • hair care products
  • hair brush / comb
  • cosmetics
  • make up remover
  • pocket mirror
  • hair dryer
  • disposable razor’s
  • make up
  • jewelry
  • feminine products


  • passport
  • ID
  • visa
  • driver’s license
  • international driver’s license
  • flight tickets
  • travel documents
  • travel insurance
  • vaccination pass
  • some cash
  • credit- & debit cards
  • travel guide

travel medicine

  • painkiller’s
  • plaster’s
  • medicine
  • salve
  • sanitizer

Your list will also depends on the country you’re going to and how long you’re staying. How is the weather? How is the infrastructure? Are there any shops easily available? Are you sleeping in hotels, hostels or are you going to camp? 

Regarding the packing itself I would highly recommend to pack everything important and valuable as your laptop, camera, documents, passport, your credit cards and so on in your hand luggage – as maybe obvious.

 I will have a big travel backpack as my main luggage and for my hand luggage I will use my Kånken 13″ Laptop version. This version of the Kånken has got a separate padded compartment where I can easily fit my laptop, e-Reader, iPad and so on – that will be very handy for security check and easy access.

And that’s more or less it – I would like to know if you have already made a longer trip yourself or if you are planning on do one. What was/is on your packing list?





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