Me, Myself & I | Work & Travel Canada

Someone asked me about my personal motivation to do Work & Travel in Canada and what I was hoping for and honestly I’m just really thinking about it while I’m writing this.

Canada was always on my top list of travel destinations and I always wanted to live for a while in an foreign country. And as I was going through a break-up beginning of the year and there were no job possibilities on the horizon in my job field – I wasn’t really thinking about my decision too much.

I’m a big believer that everything happens for reason and that you get exactly what you need at the right time from the universe – so I just did it.

Of course I made my planning and so on but I wasn’t overthinking it too much. I was just thinking if not now when?

And now I’m at a point where there is more or less no way back and I’m happy, anxious, nervous and excited – all at the same time. But most of the time I’m just happy that I had the courage to do this…


So let me tell you something more about what I’m hoping for / my reasons for and what are the top things I wanna do while in Canada. #bucketlist

hopes & wishes

  1. get out of my rut
  2. personal challenge
  3. new adventures
  4. new experiences
  5. meeting new people
  6. getting to know a new culture & country
  7. new job possibilities
  8. figure out what I really want in life & learning more about myself
  9. personal growth
  10. & just having the best time of my life!

my bucket list 

  1. visit the Niagara Falls
  2. whale watching
  3. go hiking
  4. explore the Rocky Mountains (Banff & Jasper National Park)
  5. visit Vancouver & Vancouver Island
  6. see Polar Lights (if lucky)
  7. visit the CN Tower
  8. see
  9. see animals like bear’s and moose’s live

As the title says I want to concentrate me during this trip on me, myself & I.


I didn’t do much of planning for when I’m there – I have just the visa, my flight to Toronto, first month accommodation and for the worst case a back flight in September (as the ticket was cheaper with a return ticket). Everything else I will figure out when I’m there.

I think it will be the best and most important experience in my life. 


P.s. Will keep you updated on my journey!

P.p.s. Next Blog Post will be my Travel Essentials / Packing List – so stay tuned!


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