Urban Decay ‘NAKED HEAT’ Palette

Yes, I know I‘m a little bit late on the bandwagon but I got finally my hands on it – the Urban Decay ‚NAKED HEAT’ palette. And so much said… I‘m not disappointed! 


I ordered the palette online and received it about two weeks ago so I had a little bit of a chance to play around with it.

All eyeshadows are nicely warm toned with a orangey / reddish undertone. Most of the colors (exactly 7 out of 12) are mattes and the rest are shimmers. As in my other UD palettes are the mattes eyeshadows very creamy and perfectly blend-able and the shimmers giving a serious hit of shine. But the undertone of this palette totally differ to my UD NKD 1-3.

‘NAKED 1’ has a warm toned brown color scheme, ‘NAKED 2’ is more on the colder brown toned side and ‘NAKED 3’ has more of a pinky undertone to it. Besides the undertone ‘NAKED HEAT’ got finally more mattes than shimmers in it which I’m totally happy with.

I think the ‚NAKED HEAT‘ is the perfect palette for fall even it turned up in summer as the name (‚HEAT‘) implements. The colors remind me of the color variation of the leaves during this time of a year. I think the undertones complement every eye color but especially green and blue eyes.. the orangey / reddish undertone do perfectly emphasizes them. I have green / blue eyes – so a perfect match for me!

With this palette everything is possible from a everyday look to a dark smokey eye. 


For my everyday make up I use in the crease ‚SAUCED’ and ‚LOW BLOW‘ and in the outer corner ‚HE DEVIL‘. If I wanna go more out there and for a more dramatic / evening look I use in the crease ‚CAYENNE’ and in the outer corner ‚EN FUEGO‘. For a highlight in the inner corner and under the brow bow I use for both looks ‚OUNCE’. Most of the time I`m using only mattes but If I would like a shimmer on this day I would either go for ‚LUMBRE‘ or ‚DIRTY TALK‘ on my eyelid.

Besides the nice color variation does the palette also have a huge mirror inside which make it very practical for everyday use but also for traveling. Most of the time when I´m traveling I bring at least one UD NKD palette with me because #1 you have a huge eyeshadow variation at once and #2 you can easily use the big mirror for doing your make up every day.

Therefore the palette not only winning by the eyeshadows but also by the packaging.

To sum up, as you might already guessed it, I’m totally convinced! The Urban Decay ‚NAKED HEAT’ is worth the hype and the money.

Go and get your hands on it!


Links to UD NKD Heat Palette

Sephora: http://seph.me/2z0xp4p

Douglas: http://bit.ly/2imdTvi

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2glq5bo


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