Guhl | “Lang & Geschmeidig” (= long & sleek) #Advert Victim #YouTuber made me buy it

#Advert Victim #YouTuber made me buy it

First I’ve seen the new Guhl line “Lang & Geschmeidig” (= long & sleek) at the lovely german YouTuber and Blogger Jasminar which got so lovely long and healthy hair. To be fair my hair is already quite long too but lately not in it’s best condition therefore I’m always on the hunt for some new products. And I’m totally convinced!

My hair is long but very fine, gets easily tangled and I admit I’m guilty of using the curly iron way too often. Therefore I needed something that maintains my hair but not weighten it down.  But the new Guhl line “Lang & Geschmeidig” (= long & sleek) seriously changed my hair. It is soft and shiny but not too flat. I love the new line not to mention the pink packaging … Absolutely recommendable and worth trying!

Do any of you already tried the new line or other products from Guhl? If so, which are your favorites?




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