21 things I love about fall

21 things I love about fall…



I hope y’all so excited for fall as much as I am! Today I have my 21 things I love about fall for you.

  1. cozy rainy days
  2. the colored leafs
  3. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s
  4. Fall Fashion | scarves, coats, boots, welly’s, jumpers
  5. lighting candles 
  6. the weather | sunny, crisp and rainy
  7. berry colored lipsticks
  8. Roast Dinners
  9. Tangerines
  10. hot apple juice with cinnamon
  11. Halloween
  12. watching Harry Potter
  13. reading
  14. walking in the woods
  15. Apple Crumble
  16. taking baths
  17. Fall Decoration | fairy lights, pumpkins, leaves, conkers
  18. baking
  19. crisp mornings
  20. drinking Tea
  21. coziness coziness coziness

If you love fall as much as me please feel free to leave in the comments what you love most about fall.




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