10 tips for how to grow your hair faster

From this (left side) to this (right side) in 1 year

– I kid you not!

1. Avoid heat

I know it’s a tough one but try to avoid heat as far as possible. For my part after washing my hair I always do my make up first so my hair can already air dry a little bit. And it’s not only about the hair dryers and curling irons, which are obviously damaging your hair I mean did you once accidently touch your curling iron when plugged in? Yes, It’s burning hot! Also try to wash your hair with cold or tepid warm water.

2. Cut it regularly

Yes, its sounds at first contradictory but only if you cut your hair regularly and it is in good condition new healthy hair could grow. That’s what every hairdresser would tell you. I’m suffering from split and snapping ends and I cut my hair always when I feel the ends are very dry and damaged. I cut my hair by myself and therefore I have the control of cutting off not too much. But just go to your hairdresser of your choice and tell him that you’re in the process off growing your hair and only want to cut off the necessary bits. Believe me only if you cut it regularly your hair will grow.

3. Hair mask once a week including head massages

To maintain your hair it will need love! Do a hair mask every week and if time massages your head a little bit while working in the hair mask. The massage will stimulate the blood circulation and therefore enhance the growing process. I use most of the time coconut oil as a hair mask.

4. Eat a lot of fish or make it the easy way (as I do) and take omega 3 fish oil supplements

Nutrition is a very crucial thing for most of our “problems” be it your hair, be it your skin, your nails or your overall health. Honestly, I just don’t eat enough fish. I like salmon, prawns and sushi etc. but I don’t eat it enough on a regularly basis. As soon as I got into omega 3 softgels in course of one of my diet attempts I noticed a hell of a difference.785bc354fe417570ea56f640f87dc494--nutrition-pyramid-lesson-plans

5. Take hair vitamins for example silica or biotin

Similarly as omega 3 does extra hair vitamins support the healthiness of your hair and stimulate the growth. I take both – Omega 3 and Biotin!

6. Try not to color too often

Yes same as heat could color your hair causes a lot of damage because of the containing chemicals. I mean, that’s a tip I don’t even follow myself. But you can try not to use permanent color but instead hair tint that stay in for multiple washes. These tints are mostly less harmful than the permanent ones.

7. Don’t use Hairbands with metal clips

Your hair could easily break or snap exact where the metal clip meets your hair. I’m only using hair bands without metal clips. Recommendable are the Invisibobble hair bands. They are gentle for your hair and don’t leave the annoying marks after wearing it the whole day.

8. Be careful by brushing your hair especially when wet

When your hair is wet it is very fragile and could easily snaps while brushing it. Be as gentle as possible and always brush from the bottom upwards. I can recommend the “wet” brushes. I bought mine at a local TK Maxx  in Germany but I think outside of Germany it is far more popular and easier accessible. Or you can also order it online on Amazon. I swear by that brush it totally transformed my brushing game.

9. Make a loose braid before sleeping

Yes, also too much rubbing of your hair on your clothes or on your sheets while sleeping could course damage. So I recommend making a loose braid before sleeping. It prevents your hair from rubbing and tangling through the night. Moreover if your hair is wet before braiding it you will have some nice soft waves the next morning.

10. Take hair oil

I love the ‘anti-breakage + keratin oil’ from ogx. It’s a hair oil spray. It smells nice, not weighing your hair down and don’t let it look greasy! I use it when my hair is freshly washed and every time when I feel it’s very dry, just spray a little bit of it into the ends. You can also use it to tame your baby hairs a little bit.

I hope you liked my 10 tips for how to grow your hair faster. And I promise you as soon as you just follow a couple of these tips it will change your hair game!



Coconut oil: http://amzn.to/2xEvxjS

Omega 3: http://amzn.to/2hCJ1q4

Silicia: http://amzn.to/2wpeLS0

Invisibobble: http://amzn.to/2fFHnU7

Wet brush: http://amzn.to/2fEzluz

OGX Hair oil: http://amzn.to/2fEZObh


-> Everything also available at your local DM except the brush

Disclaimer: All Amazon Links are Affiliated Link



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