How to use your Ikea Skådis Pegboard as a Decoration | Inspiration Board

I’m a truly Interior and Ikea lover and as soon as I saw the Skådis Pegboard from Ikea at a German YouTuber I instantly knew that I needed to get one of these.

Before the Pegboard I had a magnetic Pinboard right behind my working desk which I used more or less as a Vision Board with some loose hanging papers of quotes and pictures on it. But I think the Ikea Skådis Pegboard is such a more decorative and inspiring way to display some of my beloved items.


  • my Layla Headphones – as I love music


  • my Canon G7 X Camera – for taking Blog pictures and YouTube


  • a Madonna Vogue Cover | German Edition April 2017 – as I just liked the look of the cover


  • fake plant from Ikea – to get some green in it, which I think is going very well with the wooden Pegboard and the white accessories


  • some polaroid prints – hanging with some paper clips on the hooks, printed with my Instax Share Sp 1 printer


  • a mini Succulent from Ikea – again I liked the look of it


  • paper clips and pins from Kikki K – a stationary shop that I absolutely love but regrettably is not yet available in Germany. Luckily, I got my hands on it at one of my London trips and I think the little jars are very cute to display


  • some random gold and black paper clips in the lower containers – this time just for organizational purpose


  • a notepad from Sostrenegrene – a lovely Scandinavian interior shop. To take some notes or write a quote on it


If you search for Pegboard at Pinterest or even on the Ikea website you will find many different ways for using it.

  • to organize your working space
  • to store your tooling equipment in the garage
  • to hang your pans and spatulas in the kitchen
  • to hang your hairbrush and hairdryer In the bathroom
  • to hang your keys and letters in the entry way
  • to hang your jewelry
  • to use it as a night desk

The options are endless as you can adjust it just the way you want it. Do whatever you like. If you are handy you can even make a Pegboard on your own.

I personally used it more for the decorational purpose than the organizational. I just like the look of it and it inspires me everyday…


All used items you can find linked down below.

For Decoration…

Layla Headphones:örer

Canon G7 X Camera:

Ikea fake plant and succulent example:

Instax Share Sp 1 printer:

Kikki K paper clips and pins:

Notepad Sostrenegrene:


For the Pegboard…

Pegboard (available in different sizes and colors):


Elastic cord:


Letter holder:






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