Stella McCartney | Mini Tote Bag Falabella

There are shoe-ladies and bag-ladies out there… and I’m totally a bag-lady!

I always wanted to have myself one day my own designer bag. A statement piece that can totally upgrade every outfit. Of course there are a lots of lovely designer bags available but what totally cought me on the Stella McCartney ‘Mini Tote Bag Falabella’ besides that she’s obviously gorgeous, is the philosophy behind it.

Stella McCartney is a huge believer in cruelty free and environmental friendly fashion. Therefore she is made of shaggy deer and recyceled polyester. And you know what nobody would ever guess.


The Falabella is so lovely made that you could think she consists of high quality leather. She is very soft, has got a compact form and you have room for your iPhone, keys, card wallet, sunglasses, camera, make up for touch ups and even more. The chains are quite heavy so why I would totally recommend the mini size.

The number of vegans is growing and I totally get it. But even if you are not a vegan with this bag you can transform your everyday outfit into a cool edgy look!


Link to bag




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